THE NIGHT TRAIN is Amy Elliott, freelance writer and editor, prodigal Detroit native returned, heiress to a corned beef dynasty, bon vivant, lover of art, culture and good writing (reading/perpetrating).

the night train with martini

Formerly I was the senior editor of Milwaukee’s ThirdCoast Digest (which itself was formerly Milwaukee’s monthly arts and culture print rag VITAL Source). I still produce and publish TCD’s weekly arts and culture podcast, Backstage with Mark Metcalf. I also occasionally blog about music for The Post-Rockist. And now, you see, I’m blogging here — about the arts, music, items of cultural interest and the business of living in metro Detroit — and sometimes, about being in the curious position of living again as an adult in the suburb that reared me.

THE NIGHT TRAIN is also the principal strategic encampment on the web for my freelance work — your one-stop shop for the writing, editing and PR I do that (when I’m lucky) pays my bills. I write about art, culture, music, and local persons of interest; in Milwaukee, I covered wreck divers, extreme jugglers, symphony musicians, victims of gun violence, business owners and community leaders.  I also write special advertising sections, web copy, marketing materials and press releases.

If you’re wondering why I’ve called this place The Night Train, it has nothing to do with the bum wine or Axl Rose.

It’s as simple as this: one sunny, scorching August day, while I was, for no good reason, in a car on the way to Des Moines, I stopped all of our bored, exhausted road-trip conversation by busting into a feverish rendition of James Brown’s “Night Train” (Miami, Florida! Atlanta, Georgia!), prompting my traveling companions to call me Night Train for the rest of the weekend, which allowed them the extra benefit of shouting “NIGHT TRAIN! YOU ARE OFF THE TRACKS!” when they felt I was ill-behaved.

It stuck. And I let it stick. I have to say, I love everything it evokes: stealing away, forging ahead, barreling into uncertainty without apprehension, journeying bravely, accepting adventure into your life.

And also, some of the best dance moves ever perpetrated by a human being.

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